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Creative & innovative

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Our Clients benefit from the best Experts imaginable

We BELIEVE is doing what you're GREAT at. So we partner with only the best, most experienced, energetic entrepreneurs we know! Each member of our Trusted Team of Experts are CEO's of their own successful businesses.

Linda McLean

President of McLean International

    Linda McLean

    Patti Knoles

    Virtual Graphic Arts Department


      Michele Klein

      Chief Creative Officer & Founder


        Andree Paige

        Professional Copywriter


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          SEO for Existing Websites

          Sweet Spot SEO

          Solutions for your current website

          Our Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Packages improve the volume & quality of traffic to your website from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Our goal is to learn your business and your marketing objectives and then analyze your website, its content, architecture, and keyword inclusion which enables us to develop a marketing strategy to achieve top rankings above your competition. We use our extensive resources to research keywords and phrases and the competitiveness of those keywords relevant to your business so we can place that information to work in our overall marketing strategy.

          • One Time SEO Package

          • $499

            /one time setup

          • Page Titles

          • Headings, Subheadings

          • Alt/Image Tags

          • Site Description, Meta Tags

          • Site Keywords & Phrases

          • Link to Social Media
          • 12 Month SEO FastTrack

          • $199

            /month for 12 Months

          • Add One Time SEO Package

          • Monthly tweaks to Site Keywords

          • Monthly Tweaks to Page Keywords

          • Keyword Filter into Page Content

          • Site/Page Description

          • Monthly Site Traffic Reports

          O3 Skills & Expertise

          We Team up with the BEST individual's who are AMAZING at what they do!

          Monthly Maintenance Plans

          O3 Web Care

          Solutions to FIT Your Growing Business

          One of the many advantages to the Monthly Web Care Program is to partner with us for continued Design & Development of your NEW website. Your website needs monthly attention to keep content fresh and up to date, while ensuring that your call to action, sales funnel, and branding stay on target. Rather than pricing out the cost of each update, tweak, new page creation or deletion. We continue partnering with you to make sure the website flows and grows with your business.

          • Hosting ONLY

          • $19

          • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
          • Dedicated Server
          • Site Security
          • GREEN Hosting
          • Site Traffic Reports
          • Monthly

          • $99

          • Add, Remove, Update Content
          • Sweet Spot SEO
          • Site Security
          • GREEN Hosting
          • Site Traffic Reports
          • Weekly

          • $299

          • Add, Remove, Update Content
          • Sweet Spot SEO
          • Site Security
          • GREEN Hosting
          • Site Traffic Reports
          • Daily

          • $699

          • Add, Remove, Update Content
          • Sweet Spot SEO
          • Site Security
          • GREEN Hosting
          • Site Traffic Reports

          Let us evaluate your site's overall performance to see what areas can be...IMPROVED!!

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          Creative & innovative

          O3 Services

          Your Idea Becomes Our Passion

          We Have a Proprietary Development Process, that promotes efficiency, leads our clients through each step of the development process, and guaranties Success.

          Web Dev Worksheet

          Each NEW Client answers Our “10 Web Development Questions” to assist them in fine tuning their idea.

          Logo Design

          We proudly partner with Virtual Graphic Arts Department to build your AMAZING Logo.


          Great COPY is meant to persuade someone to buy your product or service, because it solves their pain points.

          Sweet Spot SEO

          We help our clients find Keywords and Phrases that help get their website to Page 1 of Google.

          Creative & innovative

          O3 Portfolio

          We LOVE our Clients

          We GIVE the Best of our Expertise, the Best of our Talents, and this is the result is WONDERFUL PERFECTION. Every time we create a website we put Our Heart & Soul into the design.

          "The Key to Happiness is...
          To Do What You Love with RELENTLESS PASSION."

          by Michele Klein, CCO of OneKubedDESIGNS


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          Creative & innovative

          About O3

          Web Development Expert for Bob Proctor's Matrixx

          OneKubedDESIGNS is a Multifaceted Design company whose purpose is to provide a Creative & Innovative Approach to: Website Development with Page-1 Sweet Spot SEO.

          Who We Are

          Who We Are

          We take a 3-pronged approach to our Business Plan, which we stream into ONE united purpose. When Michele Klein built OneKubedDESIGNS, she made sure we combined both elements to give our customers the best chance for Success! We have been developing website’s since 1996. We have had the pleasure of working with numerous different organizations, businesses, individuals, and ministries. Visit our portfolio page to see more examples.

          Our Philosophy

          Our Philosophy

          The name OneKubed comes from the meaning – “One to the 3rd power still equals ONE”.

          • PASSION…moves us to GIVE to all those around us.
          • EXCELLENCE…inspires us to GIVE our best to every project.
          • INTEGRITY…molds our thoughts and actions to GIVE our clients open and honest communication.